About Us

Ciao! Come va?

I am Gianluca and I live in Netherland - Tilburg from September 2018.

When I left my country I brought with me the curiosity to know a different living way outside the borders of my country and my bigger passion: Food.

Probably you will say "like every Italian" but no, my passion, is for those products with that taste and aromas that you can find only at home, when is Sunday and you grandmother is cooking a fresh tomato sauces and those tomatoes are grown by her, that cheese is coming from the smaller farm of a small village and, of course, the aroma of a red wine just opened.

Now that you know my passion I would like share it with you, that's why Italian Delice was born, here, in Tilburg.
All our products are pure quality, they come from the daily work of small artisans company where they are made it respecting the traditions. Each jar and package by Italian Delice is a treasure to share with your friends and family. 

Have a good shopping and buon appetito!