• Soppressata (Calabria) 220gr

Soppressata is a stuffed, cured charcuterie product, obtained from the processing of fine meat cuts from pigs belonging to traditional large-sized pig breeds: Calabrese, Large White or Landrace Italiana.

Production method

Only prime pork cuts are used. The lean part derives from the shoulder and fillet, while lard is used for the fat part (4-15% per kilogramme of processed meat).
The selected meat and lard are minced and amalgamated with salt, spicy or sweet chilli powder, black pepper, cream of red bell peppers and wine.
The mixture is inserted into pig casings, pierced and tied with natural cord. Curing must take place naturally in specialised, hygienic environments, for at least 45 days.
Soppressata  Piccante (spicy) with spicy chilli powder or creamed spicy red bell peppers has been added

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Soppressata (Calabria) 220gr

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